Digital Skills Academy

September 12, 2019, 9:00 am VR Digital Jersey

Last week were were delighted to be part of the opening of the new Digital Skills Academy in Jersey. It was great to see a continuation of the fantastic work being done by Digital Jersey on providing upskilling of our local population to take advantage of the exciting developments in this sector. We have an ex-alumni at our lab and can't wait to provide a place for students to get involved with industry and research in health tech. We set up a demo of our biometric analysis and studies into the effects of #VR on human physiology. Working with B-Secuer to understand the stress responses and using #VR to trigger those. To that end we apologise to those who experienced "walking the plank" and being told to jump...

We can only hope that the second part of relaxing VR on the beautiful beaches of Jersey was some comfort (the analysis suggested yes!)

Two sides of VR

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