Digital Summit in Estonia

October 26, 2019, 2:38 pm

We had the pleasure of being invited to take part in and expert panel on VR and present The Allan Lab at the Euorpean society of Cardiology's First ever Digital Summit ESC. Held in the beautiful city of Tallinn in Estonia, a real flagship for digital health and integrated e-citizen solutions patient portal. Driven by a dynamic political leadership they have managed to create one of the most modern and innovative digital societies in Europe, with tangible benefits beyond simple economics. Fascinating to hear from those that delivered on this.

The conference venue was unique and matched the summits ethos perfectly. All the parties passionate about transforming the paradigm of healthcare and creating a truly patient centric personalised digital society. The overwhelming theme was one of connectivity whether that's connecting data, connecting people or building connections with industry partners to together help drive forward these innovations. Can't wait for the next Summit and a special thanks to Martin Cowie @profmartincowie and John Crawford @Johncrawford for having the leadership and vision to put on such and event. #perfectlyplaced Venue Round Table VR Headsets everywhere Walled city

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