“A space to combine industry, academia, technology and Jersey’s unique jurisdictional advantages to advance the understanding, management and training in the field of Cardiology.”

The Allan Lab is an Digital Health technologies research laboratory in the Channel Island of Jersey and was created in 2019 by Consultant Cardiologist Dr Andrew Mitchell and Associate Specialist Dr Austin Gibbs.

The Allan Lab’s focus is on exploring emerging health technologies to advance the understanding of heart conditions and provide a unique place for immersive simulation, procedural training and medical education. It aims to investigate, test, develop and produce valid clinical interventions for the full spectrum of heart disease, from prevention and lifestyle modification, to screening of individuals, as well as treatments to reduce the burden of physical and psychological disease. In addition, the lab will develop immersive medical education and training, leveraging Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and unique objective physiological feedback analysis to ensure true simulation and human factors education.

The Island of Jersey is the perfect place to test and trial digital health technologies. Jersey is an independent country of 100,000 population, close to the United Kingdom and Europe but with its own government, laws and constitution. Jersey is recognised as one of the leading offshore finance centres in the world and offers a politically stable and financially secure locality to base innovative businesses. The Island has benefited from government funding to also make it one of the most digitally connected places on the planet. Each house or home has gigabit internet connection, coverage from all 5 IOT networks, as well as 4G provision with 5G being rolled out.

Companies or individuals who are looking to develop new digital health technologies and / or geolocate their services or part of their business are welcome to make contact.

Events, Talks & Conferences
  • 5-6th Oct 2019 - European Society of Cardiology - Estonia
  • 19-22nd Nov 2019 - Health & Innovation Week - Denmark
  • 25-26th Mar 2020 _ VR Med Cedars-Sinai - Los Angeles
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Email: info@theallanlab.com

We're based in Jersey, Channel Islands.