November 24, 2019, 2:36 pm VR Digital Jersey

A trip to Denmark this November to meet up with Imotions for their day followed by opening the VR digtial health at Week of Health and Innovation.

Fascinating day at Imotions meeting some people doing some truly fabulous work in VR. Great to meet Thomas from Khora, some of the content they've created both inside and outside of the healthspace shows the true breadth of this medium. When it comes to delivery the experince of Varjo showed what the future holds. Intergrated eye tracking and hand tracking combined with simply phootrealistic graphics - immersion is truly upon us.

At WHINN the big themes of safety within digital health but aslo embracing democratised medicine delivered outside of the hospitals with prevention and wellness ran through every encounter. Lots of innvoative and collobrative ideas, and delighted to supporting Digital Jersey in promoting #Sandbox Jersey and furthering connections across the digital spectrum. Zipping between campus sights on Tier Ecetric Scooters felt suitably appropriate too! #pinksocks

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